upon customer request, CENTER CREATION ennobles various products,
starting with the personal writing utensil to the most exclusive promotional items.
CENTER CREATION even makes the manufacture of limited jewel series possible.

Gems, Gold, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and more of the most exclusive materials
are the base for final products in an outstanding way.

The ennoblements emit uniqueness and exclusivety in a distinctive way
and therefore the desired individuality for the extraordinary customer.



CENTER CREATION offers individual lighting solutions upon customer request.

The design can be coordinated to other CENTER CREATION products.

Similar to the Ennoblements, CENTER CREATION looks with his lighting products
for uniqueness and exclusivety in a distinctive way and therefore for the desired individuality.

CENTER CREATION attends the exacting client from the individual design
over the manufacturing process to the delivery.


Our portfolio

The creativity of CENTER  CREATION opens new ways.
  • Crystal strands/chains with LED lighting and flush mounted crystal LED spots.
  • Crystal Chandeliers with a contemporary touch.
  • Wall lustres with the CRYSTAL STAR MODULES design and much more.


Limited only through fantasy and constraint.