Star Modules

The Magic of „Levitating Swarovski Crystals“


»Star Modules« stand for a new form of matrix allowing unique combinations with first class inlay structures. Finely crafted compositions with the most luxury inlay materials, such as jewels, SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, precious metals as well as ornamental stones and amber create countless artistic perspectives for exclusive designs. Nearly all inlay ideas, even organic substances can be implemented in this transparent matrix.

The fascinating depth effect of the translucent material results from the matchless multi-leveling of the inlay structures. It is this three-dimensional structure of the inlay substances which convey the optical depth effect and let you experience a feeling of weightlessness.

Using high quality surface materials and dependend on the location and the application new architectural designs originate creating a new atmosphere for indoor as well as for outdoor projects. The wide range of further processing stages and the many possibilities of custom colors, dimensions and thicknesses allow the most demanding projects and also serve the most specific customers´ demands.

Exactly these key factors offer countless incentives for designers and builders to use »Star Modules« for their ideas and plannings in various areas. »Star Modules« are ideal for use in the field of design and play a key role in a multi-material design.



Depending on customer specification as well as application properties, »Star Modules« are combined with resilient surfaces such as glass, acrylic, mirror, metal and so forth. Implementing glass, for instance, emphazises the depth effect, using mirrors on the other hand intensifies light reflections.



Using modern lighting technologies by simultaneously considering natural daylight as well in the planning, charismatic light games and ultimately sparkling accents are created.



»Star Modules« are also recommended for outdoor use and even suitable for wet environments with high humidity, such as in atmospheric elements in bathrooms, in spa centers, in pool and sauna facilities. »Star Modules« surprise and delight by bridging the gap between functionality and aesthetics enhancing exclusive glamour in many different ways.



Due to the unique structure and regardless of the material thickness, »Star Modules« even in individual dimensions offer excellent mechanical properties. Since the generating of »Star Modules« is usually concurrent with the manufacturing of the component, there are unlimited possibilities for potential properties and designs.


Einsatzmöglichkeiten Crystal Star Modules